Kodály Teacher Education

New for 2018!  Experience the Kodály approach first-hand while studying musicianship, pedagogy, musical materials, conducting and choral singing, all with an emphasis on the Canadian context. Participants may complete the course for certification with the Kodály Society of Canada and/or receive university credit.

About Kodály

Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian composer and music educator who revolutionized music education in the 20th century. Kodály believed that “music belongs to everyone” and worked tirelessly to develop an approach where every person could become a functional musician, appropriate to their age and context.

Kodály-inspired music education is well-known globally for its systematic approach to musicianship, beginning with hands-on activities and children’s folk materials and progressing through to advanced harmonic and historical concepts and musicianship.

Kodály Level 1 Scholarship:

Kodaly Society of Canada logoThe following scholarship is available from the Kodály Society of Canada:

One (1) $300 scholarship for students enrolled in Kodály Level 1 at each of McGill University, University of Alberta, University of Manitoba, and Western University, for a total of $1200.

Deadline: May 15, 2018


Meet our Instructors

David Stark, musicianship
David Stark began his Kodály music education at the age of 5 in his hometown of Nanaimo. He has studied piano, composition, and English literature, and has earned a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Ethnomusicology. He also completed a 3-level Kodály music education program at the University of Calgary with Lois Choksy. A long-time music educator, David has taught elementary music in BC, Alberta, and now works for the Louis Riel School Division teaching early-years music and guitar.

Dr. Jody Stark, pedagogy and material
Jody is an assistant professor of music education at the University of Manitoba. She first encountered Kodály pedagogy in her B. Ed. program and went on to study at the Kodály Institute in Hungary and at the University of Calgary with Lois Choksy, where she met her husband and fellow music educator Dave. Jody’s approach to music teaching combines elements of Kodály sequencing and philosophy, with an Orff-Schulwerk approach to creativity and musical learning. She is very proud to be the coordinator of the U of M’s Orff-Schulwerk certificate program as well as a new Kodály certificate program.
Andrea Wicha, conducting and ensemble

Andrea Wicha teaches choir, drama, and musical theatre at Shaftesbury High School. She is the conductor of the Pembina Trails Voices Choraliers girls’ choir, having previously worked with the PTV Kindergarten/Grade One and Grade Two/Three choirs. Over her career, Andrea has taught music in English and French Immersion programs from elementary to high school. She has a B. Mus./B. Ed. and level 1 Kodály certificate from Brandon University, and a level 3 certificate in Orff-Schulwerk and a Masters of Music (Choral Conducting) from the University of Manitoba. Andrea is a well-known choral conductor who is often in demand as an adjudicator and clinician.



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Kodály dates:

Level 1: July 16-27, 2018

Registration deadline:

June 1, 2018

For further information about Kodály, contact Jody Stark at jody.stark@umanitoba.ca

Image of children singing

Photo used with permission from RIA Novosti.