Master of Music

Professional preparation in a strong academic context

The master’s program at the Desautels Faculty of Music offers more than a M.Mus. degree. Graduate students are immersed in one of Canada's most culturally vibrant cities, working with dedicated faculty who have earned international recognition. Our collaborative teaching model combines unique experiences within an advanced academic approach.

Three areas of concentration are offered:

• Performance (solo or collaborative) in voice, keyboard, guitar or any standard orchestral, wind or jazz instrument

• Composition

• Conducting (choral or instrumental)

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must possess a Bachelor of Music degree or a Conservatory Diploma taken in residence, and are required to apply and audition. Once admitted, all students write a diagnostic exam to evaluate their knowledge of theoretical aspects of tonal and post-tonal music.


All Master of Music students take the following core courses:

MUSC 7000 Music History Seminar  3
MUSC 7050 Bibliography and Research Methods 3
MUSC 7110 Music Theory Seminar  3
MUSC 7180 Ensemble (not required for composition)  3
MUSC 7400 Major Practical Study 1 3
M USIC 7410 Major Practical Study 2  3
GRAD 7030 Thesis/Practicum 0 - P/F

Master of Music students will also take discipline-specific electives for a degree total of 24 credit hours. In addition, students must have reading knowledge of one language other than English upon graduation (normally French, German or Italian).

The expected time to graduation is two years.  Responsibilities of graduate students are described in the Music Supplemental Regulations.