Music History, Theory & Composition

Ruth Douglas has dedicated her entire life to educating her students. After completing her ARCT Performer, and then BSc, and BEd at the University of Manitoba, Ruth educated high school students in Math and Chemistry for five years until she became a full time mother.

It was during this time she taught piano and theory part time to contribute to the family income, turning it into a full time career in 1977. Since then, Ruth has completed ARCT Teacher, and has taken music courses at the University of Manitoba in 16thc counterpoint and topics in harmony, 18thc counterpoint, orchestration, modern topics, composition, Keyboard Harmony and Choral. She is a longstanding member of MRMTA and CFMTA, and has taught for the Preparatory Division, both piano and theory, for 20 plus years.

During her career, Ruth has prepared many students for piano exams and Music Festival from grades 1 to ARCT Performer’s. In the many classes of theory she has taught through the years, she has had many students receive top marks in the advanced theory courses, including all 3 levels of Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis and 3 levels of Keyboard Harmony.

Additional Instructors:

Lorilee Glenat (History, Piano)

Ian Hodges (Composition) - see full bio under "Guitar"

Paul Levasseur (Composition, Cello, Guitar)


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