Opera Theatre - Excerpts 2015

The University of Manitoba Opera Theatre will present an evening of opera excerpts performed by students from the Desautels Faculty of Music.

March 6 and 7, 2015, 8 p.m.
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave.
$20, $12 for students. They are available at the door, or at the Faculty.

lovers virtue

Excerpts include:

Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten
(sung in English)

Lady Billows an elderly aristocrat Rebecca McIntosh
Florence housekeeper for Lady Billows Meghan Symon
Miss Wordsworth a schoolteacher Paige Weismiller
Mr. Gedge the local vicar Paul Winkelmans
Mr. Upfold the local mayor and butcher Chad Abrahamson
Super. Budd head of the police John Anderson

Lisa Rumpel

Act 1, scene 1: The sitting room of Lady Billows, East Suffolk 1910

What you need to know:
- Florence prepares the house for visitors while listing all the other tasks given to her
- Miss Wordsworth, the Vicar, The Mayor, and Superintendent Budd arrive to discuss the appointment of the next May Queen
- The May Queen is a symbol of virtue and purity for the town, and is elected annually
- Lady Billows has impossible criteria for the candidate, and Florence has found reasons to dismiss all the suggestions
- Superintendent Budd suggests Albert Herring, the grocer’s son, as a May King, since none of the local girls are acceptable

Le Miroir Inversé by Jean-Baptiste Lully
(sung in French)

Io the mortal daughter of a river god Nikita Silagy
Jupiter Roman god of the sky Daniel Thielmann
Mercure Jupiter’s messenger Ryan Daun
Iris Junon’s messenger Carmen Harrisé
Junon goddess of marriage, wife of Jupiter Lynlee Wolstencroft
Hébé goddess of youth McKenzie Warriner
1st Nymphe   Katherine Allen
2nd Nymphe   Deanna Rempel
Pianist   Nicola Davies

Act 2: The sky and Hebe’s garden

What you need to know:
- Jupiter is in love with Io and she is reluctantly attracted to him
- He hides her in a cloud to protect her from his jealous wife, Junon
- Isis pretends to be attracted to Mercure to find out where Jupiter and his latest conquest are hiding
- Junon has come down to earth to look for Jupiter. She is angry and hurt by his habit of straying
- At a gathering in Hebe’s garden Junon tells Jupiter that she wants Io to be her new handmaiden

The Cunning Little Vixen by Leoš Janáček
(sung in English)

Harrasta a poacher Elliot Lazar
Gamekeeper   Nicholas Urquhart
Vixen   Ana Toumine
Fox   Alexa Hildebrandt
Pianist   Nicola Davies

Act 3, scene 1: A forest

What you need to know:
- The Gamekeeper accuses Harasta of poaching. Harasta tries to distract him by saying he is about to get married
- The Gamekeeper sees a dead rabbit and realizes that a vixen he used to have as a pet is up to her old tricks
- The Vixen and her family laugh at the foolishness of the humans
- The Fox suggests that they have more children. The Vixen says they should wait until spring
- Harasta returns and shoots the Vixen


L’Incoronazione di Poppea by Claudio Monteverdi
(sung in Italian)

Ottavia empress of Rome, married to Nero Geneva Halverson
Ottone Poppea’s former lover Ben Erickson
Drusilla Lady-in-waiting to Ottavia Kira Fondse
Poppea lover of Nero, future empress of Rome Michelle Hanna
Arnalta Poppea’s old nurse Rebecca McIntosh
Amor god of love (Cupid) Ashley Rees
Pianist   Lisa Rumpel

Act 2, scenes 2 to 4: Imperial Rome CE60

What you need to know:
- Ottavia is distraught over her husband’s rejection and tells Ottone to kill Poppea
- Ottone is reluctant to kill his former lover but knows he has no choice. He asks Drusilla, who loves him obsessively, to help him by giving him her clothes for a disguise
- Poppea celebrates her success at winning the Emperor for her lover and looks forward to her marrying him
- Arnalta sings Poppea to sleep as Amor looks on protectively
- When Ottone arrives to kill Poppea, Amor stops him. Poppea wakes up as he
leaves, thinking it was Drusilla

Cosi Fan Tutte by W.A. Mozart
(sung in Italian)


Fiordiligi an upper class young woman Julie Lumsden
Dorabella Fiordiligi’s sister Jillian Bonner
Despina their maid Isabel Davis
Ferrando Dorabella’s fiancé Adam Sperry
Guglielmo Fiordiligi‘s fiancé Paul Winkelmans
Don Alfonso a philosopher Daniel Thielmann
Pianist   Renate Rossol

Act 1 finale: An Italian seaside resort, set in the 1960’s

What you need to know:
- Don Alfonso has made a bet with Ferrando and Guglielmo that their fiancées will not stay faithful to them when they pretend to go off to war
- He asks Despina for her help in getting the women to fall in love with the two foreign men he introduced them to earlier. Despina doesn’t know they are actually the fiancés, but she believes the women should enjoy themselves while the men are away
- Fiordiligi and Dorabella are heart broken at being separated from their fiancés and offended by the earlier attention of two foreign men
- The men return, still in disguise, and pretend to take poison as a response to being rejected by the two sisters. Despina, disguised as a doctor, cures them
- The sisters are torn between pitying the men and wanting to remain faithful to their fiancés, until they dare to ask for a kiss