An integral part of our music studies

Our ensembles cover all major genres and range in size from an 80-piece concert band to small chamber groups.

Participation is required for students seeking a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Jazz Studies degree. The B.Mus. program requires at least two ensembles each year for four years, and the B.Jazz program requires at least one ensemble each year for four years.

Most of our ensembles are also open to community members and students in other faculties.

Auditions are held every year in the fall.

Accompanying 1 & 2
Cantata Singers
Chamber Music
Composition Seminar
Concert Band
Concert Choir
Jazz Orchestra
Musical Theatre
Opera Theatre
Percussion Ensemble
Small Jazz Ensembles
Symphony Orchestra
University Singers
Wind Ensemble     
Women's Chorus
XIE: Experimental Improv Ensemble