Studio FLAT Facilities


The facilities for computer music at Studio FLAT and the University of Manitoba underwent a major upgrade in room

In September 2008 Studio FLAT acquired a sound projection system based on eight Genelec 1032 loudspeakers and a Genelec 7060 subwoofer. The system uses a Mackie TT24 mixing console for live diffusion.

A new purpose designed studio room was constructed in August 2009. The studio is Macintosh based (MacPro with 2 quad-core Nelham processors) and has an 8.1 Genelec loudspeaker setup. The audio workstation is built around Digital Performer and Logic Pro software and two Euphonix control surfaces. Audio processing is done through plug-ins: Solid State Logic/Duende, Waves Gold, Altiverb XL and others. Other software that is supported in the studio includes Max/msp/jitter, Reaktor, Soundsoap pro and PatchWork GL. The studio also has a Yamaha 01V96 mixer for sound diffusion.

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