Studio FLAT Downloads

The Studioflat extension to the PWGL graphical programming language for music composition extend the software with some useful basic tools. Most popular are probably the two functions for notating either a traditional metric score or a score using a timeline. Also some functions for markov chain and probability analysis and generation are provided, as well as a graphical interface for designing general rules for the multi-pmc inside PWGL. Finally some functions for creating number series (some relating to chaos theory) are included.pwgl

Download the StudioFlat extension for PWGL

Alan Nagelberg, a master student in Computer Science, created an extension to PWGL for music applications of genetic algorithms.

Download the GeneticAlgorithm extension for PWGL

Both extensions should be used inside the PWGL graphical programming language.

To install:

  • Put the folders ("FLAT" and/or "GeneticAlgorithm") inside the "pwgl-library" folder
  • Start PWGL
  • Load respective library from the File menu ("Load Library...")

PWGL is developed at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland.

You can read about and download PWGL (for free) here.