Studio FLAT Courses

Studying Computer Music at the University of Manitoba

Three courses in Computer Music exist at the University of Manitoba. The courses are compulsory for composition majors and open to other music majors. Students have many opportunities to have music performed at concerts at the Desautels Faculty of Music.

Electro-acoustic Music explores traditional techniques and sound aesthetics in electro-acoustic music. The students create a composition for loudspeakers (with or without acoustical instruments).computer

Interactive Computer Music teaches the students basic techniques for interaction between a performer and a computer. Most work is done in the software Max/msp, and different input devices are explored. The students create a composition for instrument and live-electronics, a sound installation or a tool for improvisation.

Computer Assisted Composition teaches the students a variety of traditional computer based composition techniques. The goal is to create instrumental music using computers. Examples of techniques include probabilities, iterative functions, morphological models and rule-based techniques.

Graduate composition students have the possibility to go deeper into a specific computer music field of their interest. They can also get involved in the ongoing research.