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Computer Music Concerts

Compositions that come out of Studio FLAT are regularly performed at concerts at the Desaultels Faculty of Music and elsewhere. Our home stage is the Eva Clare Hall in the music building at the university, but we also use a variety of other spaces for concerts.Concert Jan 2011

Our idea is to let the physical space influence the diffusion of the music in a conscious way. We use an eight-channel loudspeaker system to find an optimal way to take advantage of every room's acoustic characteristics. The loudspeakers do not necessary only surround the audience, but are set up to use the existing surfaces in the room to create effects that are not possible in another environment.

Concerts include pieces with or without acoustic instruments that interact with the sound from the loudspeakers. A variety of different sensors and input devices (including the Yamaha windcontroller and the Moog pianobar) make concerts with interactive computer music techniques possible.

The compositions reflect individual composer's interests and aesthetics. We have no intention of producing a uniform style. However, composers at studio FLAT share an interest in exploring new possibilities for music.


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