String players at the Desautels Faculty of Music are nurtured in an environment that allows them to fully explore and develop as performers and educators.

Classical string instruction is offer for violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and harp.

Jazz bass instruction is available for students interested in jazz studies.

 Classical Strings

The program provides each student with the tools needed for a lifetime of music making including a balance between technical study and an intensive study of repertoire. Solo performance is balanced with ensemble playing and academic courses are balanced with performance-based courses. Students are encouraged to become the well-rounded musicians and educators needed in today’s changing world.


Lessons and Masterclasses:
Students receive 26 lessons each year (one hour per week). Those in 3rd year performance, 4th year Performance, Post Baccalaureate, and Masters programs have 1.5 hours of lessons each week. In addition string players attend weekly masterclasses where they perform for our own faculty and invited artists.strings

Undergraduate students participate in two ensembles each year. Post-Baccalaureate and Master's students participate in ensembles in consultation with their advisors. Ensembles include:

Classical Strings Faculty:
Dr. Oleg Pokhanovski (violin)
Dr. Minna Rose Chung (cello)

Sessional Instructors:
Meredith Johnson, double bass
Elise Lavalee, Mikhail Pokhanvoski and Dan Scholz, viola

Jazz Bass

The Desautels Faculty of Music is revolutionizing jazz education. Our program is truly innovative, allowing students to take advantage of dedicated study at the undergraduate level leading to the Bachelor of Jazz Studies degree, and giving students opportunities to learn the language of jazz through ongoing collaborations with the leading musicians of the jazz world.

The Bachelor of Jazz Studies program provides a broad and comprehensive study of jazz performance, jazz composition and arranging and addresses the four disciplines that jazz musicians must cultivate in order to succeed in today’s jazz scene: composing, arranging, performing, and educating.

Lessons and Masterclasses:
Students receive 26 lessons each year (one hour per week).  Those in 3rd year have 1.5 hours of lessons each week and those in the 4th year of the program and the Post-Baccalaureate and Masters programs receive 2 hours of lessons each week.  In addition, students attend weekly masterclasses where they perform for and alongside our own faculty and visiting artists such as trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, violinist Regina Carter, trumpet legends Clark Terry and Wynton Marsalis, and drummer Herlin Reily (to name only a few).


Bachelor of Jazz Studies students play in ensembles throughout their program.




University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra