choral conducting

The Desautels Faculty of Music offers a Master of Music in Conducting. 


MUSC 7000 Music History Seminar The study of the nature of past and current concepts and practices in the discipline of music history.

MUSC 7050 Bibliography and Research Methods The techniques of bibliography and research methods in music are studied through research projects in selected areas relevant to each student's major field of study. Skill is developed in the use of primary and secondary sources, expository writing and documentation.

MUSC 7110 Music Theory Seminar A comprehensive survey of 20th century analytical methodologies of tonal and post-tonal music.

MUSC 7180 Ensemble Studio instruction and monitored pre-professional training activities in chamber music, leading to the presentation of ensemble performance.

MUSC 7400 Major Practical Study 1*

MUSC 7410 Major Practical Study 2*

GRAD 7030 Thesis/Practicum
*This includes independent repertoire study, podium time and chorister participation with the various assigned choirs, and individual and group meetings with instructor throughout the semesters of study.

*Diction and voice strongly recommended as electives.

Deficiency course make-up(s)
Second-Language Reading Requirement
Annual dossier (report) of professional activities including:

  • Keeping abreast of contemporary repertoire, literature, ideas and developments in the choral field.
  • Continually expanding your knowledge of and perspective on the history of music.
  • Being actively involved in the musical life in local and broader communities.
  • Attending concerts, master classes and workshops.
  • Developing a broadening perspective of the place of music in our intellectual and emotional lives, in its relationship with other art forms, and in its place in our culture and society.

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Choral Studies Coordinator

Dr. Elroy Friesen




BMus – Bachelor of Music (classical)
– Bachelor of Jazz Studies
– Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Performance
– Master of Music

The Henry Engbrecht Graduate Fellowship will be awarded to a student:

  1. enrolled full-time in the Master of Music (Conducting) Program
  2. has achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 (or equivalent) in his/her undergraduate program
  3. has demonstrated experience in choral conducting
  4. has demonstrated excellence in choral conducting as determined by the Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Music.

The value of the award is >$5,000.