Interest Groups
To add a student group to this list or update an existing entry please contact Jesse Marantz.

Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG)
Dedicated to providing University of Manitoba students with a greater understanding and breadth of the field of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. This will be accomplished through a variety of professional, educational and networking opportunities, including meet and greets, hands-on clinical sesion and talks. In addition, with the primary clinical exposure and introduction to Anesthesia not taking place until clerkship, AIG looks to facilitate the interests of students considering the field Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine as a possible career choice. Activities for the 2011/2012 include: airway and vascular access workshops, a Critical Care Day, and interactive talks.
Contact: with questions, or to become involved.

Books with Wings
A group designed to promote education in Afghanistan by sending textbook donations to universities throughout the country.  Please see our website and join us on Facebook.
Contact: Pol Gomez, Eric Tsang, Nadine Kaefer for more information.

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)
A newly created group aimed at teaching students about the field of Dermatology and its subspecialties. The goal is to foster an interest in Dermatology as a career and act as a forum for those already interested. Various events will be held throughout the year ranging from guest speakers to skills nights in an attempt to increase awareness and exposure to the field. It is worth noting that due to the high prevalence of skin pathologies in practice today, these events will be beneficial for students interested in almost any specialty.
Contact: or Mohammad Pannu.

Emergency Medicine Interest Groups (EMIG)
We are aiming to promote awareness of the 2 streams of emergency medicine and create interest in the specialty to create competitive candidates for the field from our medical school. We do this by running events throughout the school year, including talks and procedural skills nights. Anyone with questions can feel free to email Piotr Wtorek.

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
Objective: To provide and to connect undergraduate medical students with extracurricular programming and information pertaining to current issues, clinical skills as well as procedures important to family physicians. FMIG strives to engage students early in their medical academic years to better enable them to get involved in the field. Events include suture clinics, Family Physician Meet-and-Greet, Speaker Series, Physician-Student Mentorship Program, as well as getting students involved in local and national endeavours such as the Family Medicine Forum in Vancouver, October 2010.
Contact: Oana Florescu (FMIG Chair).

French Interest Group (FIG)
For all students interested in developing French language skills for use in clinical settings.
Contact: Elizabeth Smith.

Immigrant and Refuge Health Interest Group
We're a group of medical students committed to promoting learning about health challenges faced by immigrants and refugees locally and globally.  For more information on upcoming events, or to become involved in the group, please contact Delphine Ruremesha or Nadine Kaefer.

Institute for Health Care Improvement Chapter (IHI Chapter)
Objective: The IHI Chapter is designed to enable committed individuals and organizations to innovate together, share knowledge, and collaborate on the difficult, rewarding work of improving health care.
Contact: Lindsay Torbiak & Stevi Golden-Plotnik (Chapter Leads);

Internal Medicine Interest Group
The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) exists to foster student interest and understanding of the exciting field of internal medicine.  Through guest speakers and speed dating events we hope to expose students to the broad array of sub-specialties and practice settings available in internal medicine.  Additionally, in conjunction with faculty and residents we aim to develop valuable clinical skills through a series of workshop events.  Come join us and see what internal medicine is all about!
Twitter: @MedInterestGrp 
Contact: Jin Choi

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group
Objective: To act as a forum for students interested in pursuing a career in Obstetric and Gynecology. Th group will organize events such as Meet the Residents Night and Skills Day.
Contact: Sara Hosseini.

Oncology Interest Group
The Oncology Interest Group is dedicated to providing opportunities for students like you to expose yourselves to the world of oncology - represented by clinical medicine, research, and psychosocial understanding.  We also try to encourage participation in cancer fundraisers.
Contact: Stephen Cashman or Matias Wengiel

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)
An interest group designed to expose undergraduate medical students to the exciting field of Paediatrics and Paediatric subspecialties, in addition to providing informational and practical opportunities to explore the specialty as a whole.  Through events such as Paediatrician Speed Dating nights, clerkship and residency innformation sessions and panel discussions, the group attempts to provide relevant information to students about the specialty and subspecialties available, what life as a paediatrician is like and the path one must take to get there.  In addition to information, the PIG organizes and executes various other activities and fundraising opportunities related to Paediatrics, such as  Bake Sales and holiday appearances on Children's Hospital's CHTV.
Contact: Jamie Stone

Physiatry Interest Group (PhIG)
Objective: To introduce students to Physiatry as a specialty, and act as a forum for students interested in pursuing a career in Physiatry.
Contact: Gail Pollard

Rural Interest Group (RIG)
Objective: to promote rural and northern medicine.
Contact: Ryan Dale (co-President) and Graham Duff (co-President).

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)
Objective: introducing students to topics in neurology and exploring the various neurology-related medical specialties.
Contact: Justin March (president), Terry Colbourne (Events Coordinator), Kelvin Au (Treasurer).

Student Works Arts Group (SWAG)
SWAG stands for "Student Works Arts Group" and it's for anyone that enjoys art, poetry, creative writing, anything else you think of as art, and being part of a group called SWAG. The idea is that we'd get together about once a month to discuss/share anything you've been working on.  Even if you don't think you're Picasso or haven't had the time to create anything, you can still come along and check out other people's work and/or join the discussion.
Contact: Melina Zylberman and Katie Cook.

University of Manitoba Aboriginal Health Interest Group
Objective: a group dedicated to those interested in Aboriginal Health issues and participating in advocacy as well as awareness activities and events.
Contact: Marcus Hancock.

University of Manitoba Surgery Club (UMSC)
Through the eyes of a first year student, surgery may seemed to promise the latest advances in medical technology and a very rewarding career, although elucidating the route one would follow to such a career seemed daunting at best. This organization was conceived to answer questions such as: Which surgical specialties are direct entry versus subspecialties of general surgery? What is the typical day of a specific sub-specialist like? Where can I learn how to tie knots and place sutures?
Contact information can be found here.

Winnipeg Interprofessional Student-Run Health Clinic (WISH Clinic)
We represent a group of committed health sciences students in Winnipeg who believe that we can make a tangible contribution to improving health in the Point Douglas Community.  We are very excited about involving students, faculty members, community organizations and members of the general public in the operation of our clinic.  With a clinic every Sunday, we offer health science students an opportunity to participate in service learning and to meet members of the community.  We also have a number of committee chairs open for people interested in leadership opportunities.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our clinic in any of these ways.
Medicine contact: Nadine Kaefer.

Women's Healh Interest Group
The Women’s Health Interest Group is committed to educating medical students about the issues in women’s health that affect all areas of medicine. Women’s health is an area of medicine that is quickly growing with various fellowship opportunities already available and the future possibility of a new “Plus One” program in Family Medicine. The group will provide information for those students specifically interested in women’s health, but also generate awareness to facilitate the effective collaboration and teamwork between all specialties in the future.
Contact: Becca Lang or Ashleigh Sprange