Our People


Adolf K.Y. Ng D, PhD
Room 614 Drake Centre
Phone: (204) 474-6594
Email: adolf.ng@umanitoba.ca


Xun Jiao
Email: jiaox@myumanitoba.ca

Xun Jiao is a Research Assistant at the University of Manitoba Transport Institute (UMTI), majored in Supply Chain Management supervised by Dr. Paul D. Larson. His research interests include consumers’ purchase intention towards electric vehicles and ports adaptation to climate change. He has many International conference paper and journal paper about transportation and sustainability.

Mingyan Yu
Email: mingyan.yu@umanitoba.ca

Mingyan Yu is an administrator and research assistant at the University of Manitoba Transport Institute (UMTI). She has years of research experience in biology with a Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology. She also has working experience with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on various projects in the fields of natural resources conservation, drought adaptation and climate change.


Adolf K.Y. Ng, PhD

Yuvraj Gajpal
Sara Hajmohammad
Changmin Jiang
Paul Larson
Barry Prentice

Bruno Silvestre
Gary Stern

Mingyan Yu


Nicole Barnabé
Austin Becker

Stephen Cahoon 
Peggy Chen 
Tiziana D'Alfonso 
David Duval 
Paul Earl 
Xiaowen Fu
Girish Gujar
Yui-Yip Lau
Ron McLachlin
Jason Monios
Lukas Neville
Al Phillips
Ka Chai Tam
Ed Tyrchniewicz
Stephan Vachon
Jerome Verny
Sarah Wan
Luming Wang
Bart Wiegmans
Gordon Wilmsmeier
Zaili Yang
Anming Zhang


Mr. Allan Foran
Partner, MLT Aikins LLP, MB, Canada
Teaches Legal Issues in Transportation

Prof. Darryl Hammond
Professor, Red River College, MB, Canada
Teaches Economic Applications in Transportation

Mr. Brian Klos
Sessional Instructor, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
Teaches Marketing Services and Risk Assessment and Safety

Mr. Reg Wightman
Director, Manitoba Infrastructure, MB, Canada
Teaches Logistics Fundamentals and Transport Policy and Regulations


Jonathan Andrews
Yile He
Xiaoyu Lee
Yufeng Lin

Anh Tran
Xize Wu