17th Annual Fields on Wheels Conference



                                                 Agribusiness Logistics in Turbulent Times

                                              Radisson Hotel Downtown, Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                        November 9, 2012 | REGISTER


It is too late to predict, yet too early to evaluate, how the landmark changes to CWB grain marketing and industry structure (i.e. Viterra) and operations might change. There are many other factors impacting Canadian agribusiness and logistics, many beyond Canadian borders. Fields on Wheels will discuss those this year.

This theme this year was around global changes: the rise of some economies (Asian, Latin American) and the difficulties in others (EU, US). Globalization and the integration and interdependence of economies are at the highest level. Agribusiness and logistics practitioners will need to understand what has been happening and how experts view that things will unfold, in order to survive and thrive in one of Canada’s most important industry sectors.

All speakers and participants will be receiving a cd copy of the presentations and proceedings including audio and video of the event.

In the meantime we are making some of the presentations available here.

The panel discussion will be available on the cd.

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