Information for Exchange Coordinators


Admission Application Forms

  • Fall (Term One): April 1
  • Winter (Term Two): September 1

Residence/On-Campus Housing Application Forms

  • Fall (Term One): April 1
  • Winter (Term Two): September 1

Arrival Dates for Incoming Students

  • Fall (Term One):
    August-September 5, 2015 (Speechly Hall/University College)
    September 6, 2015 (Arthur Mauro Residence)
  • Winter (Term Two): January 5


Due to the high demand for on-campus housing, the exchange program would suggest that students apply to either Speechly/Tache Hall or the Arthur Mauro Residence at least 4 - 6 months in advance of each term. If students apply using these time lines, there is a greater possibility that they will be accepted to the residence of their choice. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee on-campus housing.

Other options for on-campus housing

There are also 3 other residences on campus that students can apply to however they are not located right beside the Asper School (similar to Mary Speechly/Tache Hall and the Arthur Mauro Residence). These residences are:

Students may be allowed to move in early due to an orientation or other academic commitment but must receive written permission from the Residence Office. To request an early move-in, send an email to residence@umanitoba before August 1st indicating the academic/orientation reason you need to move in early and the time and date you would like to move in. If your request is approved, you will need to pay for the extra nights when you arrive.

January arrivals: Speechly/Arthur Mauro

Due to the holiday closures at the University of Manitoba, all students who are arriving for a January start date cannot arrive more than a few days before classes starting due to fewer staff working during the holiday season. The move in date is normally scheduled for the Saturday prior to classes starting.

  • Winter Move-in Date (Term Two): January 5, 2015 (earliest date)

Housing deposits: Speechly/Arthur Mauro

Students are required to pay $1,000 prior to their arrival. Students will be notified by both mail and email to pay for these fees.

Free of charge: Speechly/Arthur Mauro

On-campus residences will provide linens for students upon request for their first few evenings. Students should inquire at the reception desk or office.


Student should indicate the courses and course numbers that they wish to take while studying at the Asper School on their application form. The Exchange Coordinator will register student in their courses 3-4 weeks prior to the start of each term. There is no guarantee for courses depending on space and if the student meets our pre-requisite requirements. Students will find out their course schedules once they meet with the Exchange Coordinator. A transcript is required to demonstrate pre-requisite requirements (scanned copies are sufficient for evaluation, but official transcripts will be required at a later date).

  • All Asper courses are 3 credit hours (13 weeks)
  • 39 hours of lecture time


At The University of Manitoba, students can expect to pay an average of $150 per course for books. Students can sell their books at the end of each term to receive a portion of this money back before their departure.

Administrative Fees

Please refer to the Incoming Exchange Handbook to see the cost of our fees.

Students pay for these fees upon their arrival to the Asper School.

Exam Period Mandatory Attendance

All exchange students must remain available for the exam period. Exams for our classes are not scheduled until after the sixth week of class, therefore student need to schedule their departures for the end of the term. There are no special considerations made for exchange students in the Asper School with this policy.

English Language Requirements

Students need to be prepared to complete all studies in English. At The University of Manitoba, our English Language Requirements are as follows:

  • Paper-Based TOEFL score above 550
  • Computer-Based TOEFL score above 213
  • Internet-Based TOEFL score above 80
  • IELTS score above 6.5

For further information, please visit the Registrar's website.

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