University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business - ABEP - MJ and Madison
MJ and Madison
Madison and MJMary Jane “MJ” Loustel demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and always knew that she would study business. A Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba provided the most relevant education for MJ’s career aspirations, who is currently the National Aboriginal Program Executive for IBM.

“A commerce [degree] presents many paths - not only upon graduation, but throughout one’s career,” explains MJ about her chosen degree. One path that her commerce degree presented was that of a trailblazer who inspired her daughter, Madison’s, educational journey. 

“My mother’s experience with a BComm helped me make my decision,” said Madison. Initially interested in Arts, Madison became intrigued by the many opportunities available to her mother because of her Bachelor of Commerce. Madison – who also completed the Co-op program – graduated in 2014 and is now working at a local accounting firm. 

Although their educational journeys are similar, Aboriginal Business Education Partners (ABEP) represents a unique difference in their journeys: Madison had the opportunity to benefit from ABEP, which was founded seven years after her mother’s graduation.

“ABEP has been a great community support to me. The scholarship and bursary program has helped me financially and being involved in ABEP has built my confidence,” says Madison of her experience. “I have learned to tackle challenges head on. I don’t give up; I work hard and ask for help when I need it. There is a lot of support out there.”

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