University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business - ABEP - Fauna Kingdon
Fauna Kingdon
Fauna Kingdon

Name: Fauna Kingdon
Community: Métis
Majors: Accounting
Grad Date: October 2006
Career Progression: KMPG articling. Laser Grant.  Northwest. TCIG. CA & Masters of Professional Accounting from U of S

What was your best memory/experience within the Asper school of business?
The Asper School of Business had many great networking opportunities, in addition to all the great classmates I met through attending classes.
If you could give on piece of advice to your first year university self, what would it be?
Relax a little bit! I had a 4.4 my first year and I stressed
myself out, and probably didn't have to - should have had a bit more fun.
Can you think of a barrier that you have had to overcome in your education/career experience? How did you overcome it?
I didn't know anyone as I was from Nunavut. I overcame it by networking at ABEP and Asper School of Business events.