University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business - ABEP - Aaron Martyniw
Aaron Martyniw

Aaron Martyniw

Community: Peguis First Nation
Majors: Human Resource Management / Supply Chain Management
Grad Date: BComm(Hons) 2006

Career Progression:
2004 - ABEP Intern with the RBC Royal Bank - Personal Financial Services
2004-05 – Accepted offer of a part time teller position while attending U of M
2005 - Started as Intern with RBC within Commercial Financial Services
2006 - Upon graduating U of M, RBC offered full time employment as a Commercial Banker
2006-07- Agricultural Account Manager - Melita, Manitoba (temporary posting)
2007-10 - Agricultural Account Manager - Morden, Manitoba
2010-11 - Account Manager, Aboriginal Banking - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2011-13 - Regional Sales Advisor (Supporting Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North West Ontario)
2013-15- Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, Northern Saskatchewan
2015-Present - Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, Winnipeg

What was your best memory/experience within the Asper school of business?
My best memory/experience was attending class instructed by Professor Harmatz. He made me think differently about business and about all issues. No one can play Devil's advocate better than him and no one inspired me to think as much as he did.

If you could give on piece of advice to your first year university self, what would it be?
Network and Apply yourself!!! As mundane a class or topic it may be, make sure you apply yourself at everything you do. Hard work should become a habit, not an occasional thing. And network!! Many of your classmates will be your colleagues, clients and business leaders. You'll never know the value of a relationship until you've made one.

What was the most significant barrier that you have had to overcome in your education experience?
My own commitment to education. I was academically mediocre and often lacked the commitment to push myself to perform better. However, I overcame it by making short term, realistic and attainable goals. And with each success I found myself more confident and ambitious.