Undergraduate Course Outlines - Spring/Summer 2017
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ACC 1100 A01 Introductory Financial Accounting Ghattas, N.
ACC 1100 A02 Introductory Financial Accounting Ghattas, N.
ACC 1110 A01 Introductory Managerial Accounting McMullen, A.
ACC 2020 A01 Intermediate Accounting - Equities McMullen, A.
ACC 3040 A01 Cost Accounting Pai, J.
ACC 3040 A02 Cost Accounting Sethi, A.
ACT 2120 A01 Interest Theory Arnold, M.
ENTR 2010 A01 Managing the Smaller Business Wang, Y.
ENTR 2020 A01 Starting a New Business Im, J.
FIN 2200 A01 Corporation Finance Khan, I.
FIN 3410 A01 Investments Li, S.
FIN 3480 A01 Corporation Finance Theory and Practice Khan, I.
GMGT 1010 A01 Business and Society Haider, Z.
GMGT 2010 A01 Business Communications Mittoo, R.
GMGT 2010 A02 Business Communications Mittoo, R.
GMGT 2060 A01 Management and Organizational Theory MacDonald, S.
GMGT 2070 A01 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour Zhu, L.
GMGT 2070 A03 Organizational Behaviour MacDonald, S.
GMGT 3300 A01 Commercial Law Restall, I.
GMGT 4210 A01 Seminar in Management and Capitalism Harmatz, H.
HRIR 2440 A01, A02 Human Resources Management Caza, B.
HRIR 3450 A01 Labour and Employment Relations Godard, J.
INTB 2200 A03 International Management Dua, A.
MIS 2000 A01 Information Systems for Management Travica, B.
MKT 2210 A01 Fundamentals of Marketing Sivaramakrishnan, S.
MKT 3220 A01 Marketing Research Arora, S.
MKT 3230 A02 Consumer Behaviour Sivaramakrishnan, S.
MKT 3240 T06 Digital Marketing Barr, M.
MSCI 2150 A01 Introduction to Management Science Gajpal, Y.
MSCI 2150 A02 Introduction to Management Science Dua, S.
SCM 2160 A01 Supply Chain and Operations Management Dua, A.
SCM 2160 A03 Supply Chain and Operations Management Khan, I.
SCM 2220 T07 Lean Management Campbell, V.
SCM 2220 T08 Project Management in Supply Chain Atamarchuk, K.

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