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The Co-op Advantage
What is Asper Co-op
  • An experiential learning program which allows students to transform academic theory into real world knowledge, in a productive work setting.
  • Three paid four-month work terms for academic credit, alternating work terms with academic terms.
  • Opportunity to explore different career paths, professions, industries, companies, majors and build a professional network to kick-start your career. 
  • Extensive professional development training and support through individual coaching and group workshop sessions - hone your skills in resume writing, job search and interviewing


Why Choose Co-op? The Answer is Simple! Your Future

  • 90% of Asper Co-op Grads go on to immediately secure full-time work, with 80% working for one of their three Co-op employers. You will enter the workforce more confidently, with the ability to transition quickly into your professional career.
  • Earn competitive wages while completing 12 months of professional work experience and build a powerful network of professionals.
  • Exclusive access to job opportunities with Manitoba's Top Employers!
  • You will be engaged in meaningful, productive, paid work over the course of three, four-month work terms while earning academic credit.
  • Whether you already know what your major will be, or you are looking to explore different career paths, the co-op program will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Freedom to explore different career paths in a safe, supportive and dynamic environment.


Below is a typical sample of a student’s co-op schedule 


September - December
(Fall Term)

January - April
(Winter Term)

May – August

(Summer Term)

Year 2

Academic Term

Academic Term

Work Term 1

Year 3

Academic Term

Work Term 2

Academic Term

Year 4

Work Term 3

Academic Term

Academic Term




Co-op student testimonials

Learn About the Asper Co-op Program (Video)