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Student Testimonials
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Co-op students Keith Mozden & Selena Kasdorf share their story [PDF]

"What I learned from my on-the-job experience will benefit me in the classroom as it provides me with real-world experiences to apply to new concepts I learn in class. It is always easier to comprehend a certain theory or idea if you have a real life experience to relate to it. These co-op experiences will provide me with these opportunities to link the working world to the academic world."

Courtney Thomson, Human Resources Intern, MPI

"I think working at Ernst & Young this summer will greatly benefit both my academic and professional careers in the future. I think a lot of what I learned this summer will directly apply to the courses I’m taking at school, especially the accounting courses. Also, I think the material I have learned in my courses helped me have a successful work term this past summer."

Ben Fogel, CA Co-op Student, Ernst & Young

"Working with MLC was an enjoyable and great experience. I was provided with constant learning and challenges, which is a great learning environment. The experience I received greatly reflects my finance major and my chosen career. I was able to gain greater skill sets in Microsoft Excel, financial statements, budgeting strategies and accounting policies. Performing these skills with proficiency will be a great bonus in my future careers."

Ken Yuan, Accounting/Finance Co-op Student, Manitoba Lotteries Corporation

"My employers were very helpful and have enriched my work experience very much. My supervisor is a recent grad from the Asper School of Business and is working towards his MBA. Throughout the work term he would do his best to include me in as many business related activities as possible. I would attend meetings regularly and be given reports with more of an analytical stand point. He also gave me pointers because he had been in the same position as me a few years prior. He had been hired through the Co-op program as a summer student with Gardewine and could relate to my experience. He has added to my work experience and I will take that knowledge with me to all my future work related experiences."

Marisa Tereck, Customer Service/Traffic, Gardewine North

"My learning with this organization was phenomenal. Each day was a new experience and something new to learn. As a finance major, half way through the major, I was constantly challenged and forced to learn outside of my comfort zone. I consider all the information, advice and lessons I have received from my supervisor and co-workers at CCM to be extremely relevant and helpful."

Michelle Smith, Research Assistant, Cardinal Capital Management

"This past term was filled with valuable information with regards to life in the accounting profession, and the variety of opportunities the career opens up for individuals. The co-op program has been beneficial in clarifying any hesitations I had of my career choice. "

Nyasha Mukumba, Co-op CA, PwC