PhD Fees & Financial Assistance

All fees quoted are in Canadian dollars and are based on current approved rates. All fees are approximate and subject to change. The cost of textbooks will vary from program to program, and are not included in the fees listed below.

Application Fees

  • $100 for all applicants
    This fee must accompany the application package.

Annual Program Fees

Students admitted to the Ph.D. in Management program will be required to pay the following fees in each year of the program(see exceptional notes below):

  • Upon receiving the offer of admission, students will be required to pay a one-time $1000 non-refundable tuition deposit within 20 business days of the offer of admission. Failing to pay the deposit may result in the student losing their spot in the program. Once the deposit is paid, it is retained to be applied toward the first tuition payment. It is non -refundable in the event the student does not join the program.
  • $4,961.64 Tuition ($2,480.82 per fall and winter term) 
    Students admitted to the Ph.D. in Management holding a Masters degree will be assessed Tuition Fees in year 1 and year 2 only.
    Students admitted to the Ph.D. in Management from a Bachelors degree (not holding a Masters degree) will be assessed Tuition Fees in years 1, 2, and 3 of the program.
  • $799.08 Continuing Fee ($399.54 per fall and winter term)
    Students whose program extends beyond the Tuition Fee payment period listed above will be assessed this annual "continuing" fee for each remaining year in the program.
  • $647.40 Endowment Fees (in years when Tuition Fees are paid)
  • $1000 (approximately) Student Organization/Student Services/Technology Fees/Library/Registration/Sports and Recreation/U-Pass Fees (per year in the program)
  • $345.00 Supplemental Health/Dental Insurance (single student, per year in the program)
    Note: Family coverage may also be arranged. Supplemental health and/or dental fees can be waived upon provision of documentation of coverage elsewhere.

International Student Annual Fees

In addition to fees listed above, international students must pay the following fee:

  • $6,000 (approximately) Differental Tuition Fee in years when Tuition Fee is being paid (see above)

Financial Assistance

Applicants with outstanding credentials may be offered faculty-based financial support (not guaranteed). The application to the Ph.D. in Management constitutes the application for this faculty-based financial support - there is no separate application form. Only applicants completing their full application on or before the deadline date will be considered for funding - late applicants will not be considered for funding.

Research funding is also available on a competitive basis through the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship Program and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) doctoral fellowships. Students are encouraged to apply for research funds to support their thesis research a year before they start the program (deadline dates for many awards are a year in advance of the award being made available, so please contact us for deadline dates in early September the year before you plan to commence your studies). Visit for details.

There are a number of other methods of funding your program. Some of our students receive funding through the School, while others are funded by stipends, faculty research grants, University fellowships, and national research grants. In their senior years, a number of students secure paid teaching posts as sessional instructors. Finally, self-funding models are also entertained.

International Student Funding

A number of funding opportunities are available specifically to international students.

Visit details.