PhD Specialization in Business Administration

Areas of concentration

  • Organizational behavior and organizational theory - including, but not limited to topics such as leadership, motivation, communication, organizational culture, organizations and their environment, managing cultural diversity, cross-cultural issues, innovation, decision making, conflict management, and organizational change.
  • Strategy - including, but not limited to topics such as the roles and problems of general managers; strategy formulation and implementation; strategic planning and decision processes; strategic control and reward systems; resource allocation; diversification and portfolio strategies; competitive strategy; selection and behavior of general managers; strategic change; and the composition and processes of top management teams.
  • Human resource management - including, but not limited to topics such as selection, performance evaluation, training, job analysis, employment equity, compensation, and management development.
  • Entrepreneurship and small business, family business

These concentrations in the Management Ph.D. Program at the University of Manitoba are designed for individuals who are planning careers in university teaching and research. A strong point of the program is its flexibility. While there are certain core requirements, students have considerable freedom to plan their own configuration of courses.

Course work

Course work focuses on the study of individual, group, and organizational issues and integrates the psychological and sociological perspectives on human behavior in complex organizations. The program emphasizes theory development and empirical research. Students are encouraged to subject their ideas to rigorous analysis and empirical testing. The normal time for program completion is 3-4 years.

This stream of the Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 12 credit hours of core course work:

  • One of: GMGT 7410 Organizational Behaviour, GMGT 7440 Organizational Theory, GMGT 7530 Strategy
  • Three courses from GMGT 7410 Organizational Behaviour, GMGT 7440 Organizational Theory, GMGT 7530 Strategy or topics courses in the areas of organizational behaviour, organization theory, strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, industrial relations and human resource management
  • PHDM 7140 Management Research Project 1 and PHDM 7150 Management Research Project 2 - each zero credit hours

Other requirements, which may be satisfied in a previous degree (if not, must be completed in the PhD in Management), are:

  • 1 course in Philosophy of Science in Management
  • 3 courses in research methods/statistics
  • 2 minor/cognate courses (at least one of which must be completed outside the Asper School of Business) 

Finally, students who do not hold an MBA or a B.Comm. (or equivalent) degree will be required to audit 1-3 business courses outside their core area in order to gain a breadth of knowledge in management. 

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