About Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg has inspired and shaped some of Canada’s premier business leaders, artists, and politicians. A mid-sized city of over 740,000 people, it’s a vibrant multicultural community with a cosmopolitan flair and one of the most diverse economies in Canada.

The city sits at the heart of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor – the “sweet spot” for transportation and distribution industries. Winnipeg is home to CentrePort, a world-class “inland port” and business hub connecting infrastructure and industry from across the continent.

In Winnipeg you’ll find to a thriving arts and philanthropy, world-class sports and entertainment venues, and some of the most affordable housing, utility and education costs in Canada. With Rapid Transit, it’s an easy city in which to get around. It’s also one of the sunniest cities in Canada, with clear blue skies and clean air. And one of the top 10 beaches in North America is just 30 minutes away.

Winnipeg is a richly diverse community of over 100 cultures and languages. We boast the largest Francophone community outside of Quebec (St. Boniface). Our historical roots run deep, and we welcome the world to a dazzling array of festivals and events, from Folklorama to the Winnipeg Theatre Festival to Festival du Voyageur.

With so much to experience in Winnipeg, you’ll find opportunities everywhere to live, learn and grow.

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