International Students COVID-19 FAQ
 1. How severe are the cases of coronavirus in Manitoba?
As of April 28, 2020 the total number of cases in Manitoba are 272. The latest information on the number of cases of the coronavirus can be found at the Government of Manitoba website. Information on Canada’s current situation can be found on the Government of Canada website.

2. What measures are the University of Manitoba taking to handle the coronavirus situation?

The University of Manitoba is taking various measures to help current and prospective students get through this challenging time. You can find out more on the Corona Virus section of the University of Manitoba webpage.

3. Will courses be going online?

As a safety requirement, all classes have been shifted online until September 1, 2020. If the social distancing directives continue, the Asper School of Business will consider continuing with the online class structure for the fall term as well.

4. What would be the effect of COVID -19 on my visa or study permit?

As of April 28, 2020 if you have already been issued a visa or a study permit before March 18, 2020, you are exempted from the travel restrictions and there is no effect on your visa study permit. For the latest updates, please see the IRCC section of the Government of Canada website.

5. What are the travel restrictions?

As on April 28, 2020 if you have already been issued a visa or a study permit before March 18, 2020 you are exempted from the travel restrictions. For the latest updates, please see the IRCC section of the Government of Canada website.

6. Can I still work part-time during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If your study permit allows you to work during your study, you can work during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more details see the CBIE update.

7. Can I apply for a study visa/permit online?

The Canadian government has the provision for applying for a study permit online. You can start your application on the IRCC website

8. Would I need any additional medical tests?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is strict screening at the port of entry into Canada, during which there might be tests conducted. But as of April 28, 2020 there are no additional tests required. Even though there are no tests required, it is important to note that there is a mandatory requirement for a 14 -day quarantine plan after arriving in Canada, even if you show no symptoms. For more information about medical tests, see the medical tests section on the IRCC website.

9. Are there any financial aids available for international students to cope with the lack of part-time jobs?

Currently there is support available from the University of Manitoba and the Canadian government for current students and residents.

10. Is there any effect on meal plans in the residence?

Applications for summer residence and meal plans are no long being accepted. Please visitthe University of Manitoba residence website for September 2020 updates when they are available.

11. What is the effect on public transport?

There is a reduction of the frequency of transit services across Winnipeg, effective May 4, 2020. For latest updates, see the Winnipeg Transit website.

12. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the average cost of living?   

The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time and has affected the availability and the price of resources. The International Centre at the University of Manitoba provides fee estimate letters upon request which will have the information on tuition fee estimates and living costs estimates for a year. For more information see, the international section of the University of Manitoba website.

13. Can I take my GMAT?

As of April 28, 2020, GMAC is providing an online GMAT exam that is available from April 20, 2020 until June 15, 2020. The appointment times are available 24/7. For the more information see, the GMAC website.

14. Can I provide any English Proficiency Tests (TOEFL, IELTS, Duo Lingo)?

TOEFL iBT: ETS is providing an at-home TOEFL iBT worldwide. To see updates specific to your region, visit ETS website.

IELTS: As of April 28, 2020 IELTS testing is still being conducted in locations where it is safe to do so, and is suspended testing in other locations until further notice. Check out the IDP website to get more specific information about your test taking locations.

IELTS has launched IELTS Indicator, an online test for the students unable to take the IELTS due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please see IELTS Indicator. To support test takers during this time, IELTS is provided free resources for students, which can be found in the Free Preparation Support section.

Duolingo: To help the applicants during this difficult time, the Asper School of Business is accepting Duolingo scores for their English proficiency requirement. For more information on this test, visit the Duolingo website

15. Will the Blue Cross Insurance provide any coverage for the COVID-19 preventive measures or treatment?

As of April 28, 2020 the Blue Cross Student plan does not offer coverage for any of the preventive measures. The treatment expenses would fall under your primary health-care plan. For the latest updates see Blue Cross COVID-19 FAQ.

16. How can I send transcripts if my home university is closed?

All the students admitted to the Fall 2020 intake will have until December 15, 2020 to submit their physical transcripts.

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