Tuition Fees (2020-2021)

Domestic students: $559.36 per credit hour    $35,239.68 program total 1
International students: $765.26 per credit hour $48,211.38 program total 2

Tuition fees listed above include fees for the three auxiliary boot camps in the Asper MBA. These total three credit hours and are required over and above the 60 program credit hours. Tuition fees are course-based and will be lower for students who receive course exemptions based on prior education.

Additional Fees

  • Application fee: $100 for all applicants
  • Endowment fees: $22.58 per credit hour
  • Technology fees: up to $100 per fall and winter term
  • Graduate Student Organization fees: $88.70 per fall and winter term; $6.00 per summer term
  • Library fees: $23.68 per fall and winter term; $12 per summer term
  • Registration fees: $23.68 per fall and winter term; $12 per summer term
  • Student service fees: $23.68 per fall and winter term; $12 per summer term  
  • Sports and recreation fees: $88 per fall and winter term ; $65 per summer term
  • U-Pass: $200 per fall and winter term (not available in summer term)
  • Supplemental health and dental insurance (for students who do not have alternate coverage): $345.00 per year
  • International Student Health Insurance - $332 for fall term and summer term; $664 for winter term
  • Books/course materials: $3,500.00 (estimated, for the entire program)
  • Tuition deposit: $3,000 – This non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required within 20 business days of receiving the admission offer and is applied to first-term tuition fees

All fees are in Canadian dollars. All fees are estimated and subject to change.

Tuition and endowment fees are charged proportionately each term on a per course/credit hour basis, regardless of whether your student status is full or part-time.

1  Permanent residents pay the domestic student rate.

2  International students with strong past academic standing, and who are subject to the international student tuition fees, are automatically considered for scholarships awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Asper School of Business provides entrance scholarships to students with very strong past academic standing. In addition, bursaries are provided on a financial need basis.