Q&A with RIM CEO Jim Balsillie - 2009
RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, 2009 I.D.E.A. recipient, talks with faculty, staff, and students of the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba during a Q&A session on June 2, 2009.

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» Bio: Jim Balsillie has been RIM Co-CEO since 1992. In 2002, he founded the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), a world-class global research institute focused on the restructuring of international governance. In 2007, Balsillie announced the creation of the new Canadian International Council (CIC) of which he is the Chair. He founded the Balsillie School of International Affairs in 2008. Mr. Balsillie is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Harvard Graduate School of Business. He is a chartered accountant and a fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants. He also holds numerous honourary doctoral degrees.


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