Graduate Studies at the Asper School of Business

Asper MBA

Through knowledge-enriching classroom experiences, face-to-face discussions with culturally diverse peers, professors, and business leaders, the Asper MBA arms you with the knowledge, experience, insight and values you need to be a meaningful, highly regarded leader within your workplace, your community, and abroad. The Asper MBA program is specifically designed to maximize your program success while focusing on leadership development through our specialized Executive Leadership component. We also have unique partnerships with the Manitoba business community to enhance your business connections and career opportunities, and to apply your classroom knowledge to “live” business situations. Explore the Asper MBA »

Asper Master of Finance

Gain accredited, ethics-based academic training in that prepares you for a professional career in the financial services sector. The only program of its kind between Toronto and Vancouver, the new Asper Master of Finance (MFin) is a one-year/three-term program that prepares you to write all three levels of exams needed to obtain a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, with a focus on the Level 1 exam. Explore the Asper Master of Finance »

Asper MSc

Our Master of Science program represents several years of research and market analysis, and is the newest graduate program offered by the Asper School of Business. The program is designed for those who have an interest in studying an area of business at an in-depth level and who want to develop their research skills. Students in this program will be taught and mentored by some of the best research scholars in North America. Our policy of selective, small enrolment programs ensures that students receive the highest quality education. Explore the Asper MSc »

Asper PhD

The Asper PhD program continues to attract highly qualified individuals who are interested in developing their academic research and teaching skills. The program provides close and continuous contact between students and faculty. Students are mentored not only in their research program but also in the development of teaching skills. Students successfully completing the program have proven that they have the abilities necessary for competitive job placement in respected universities around the world. Explore the Asper PhD »