Leadership Presence
This two-day program is for business professionals who wish to develop an inspirational leadership presence. It will enable you to step confidently onto any stage, and hold the room with an unmistakable presence that distinguishes you as a seasoned speaker and strong leader. You will come away with the ability to represent your organization in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Why This Program?

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group, this interactive and highly practical program will take you through an intensive series of workshops; almost every moment will present you with opportunities to bring out the “executive performer” that lives within you. Explore the active connection between leadership and communication, as you hone your skills in a supportive learning environment.

You will learn how to engage others through listening techniques, a warm and empathetic tone, and political savvy - skills that are demonstrated so frequently by executives, and that are necessary for anyone who aspires upward in the organization. You'll also have the opportunity to practice your new skills and receive one-on-one feedback. Through this program you will learn to:

  • Develop the presence and clear communication style of a true leader.
  • Use an authentic presence to inspire others.
  • Make an immediate, and lasting, impression with strong entrances and exits.
  • Take your speaking skills to the next level, by developing a powerful stance and expressive voice.
  • Read the audience through active listening.
  • Overcome nerves and fear of public speaking.
  • Use improvisational techniques to speak with passion and energy.
  • Project a dynamic image that elicits trust and respect.

Details & Registration

DATE  February 6-7, 2020
TIME  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
PROGRAM COST  $1,650 plus GST
Program fee includes continental breakfast,
and afternoon coffee/tea and lunch
LOCATION  James W. Burns, Executive Education Centre


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Rae Farrer, Consultant, The Humphrey Group
moderator_raefarrerRae is a Consultant with The Humphrey Group and blends a strong background in business, where she spent a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong set of acting credentials. This union of skills enables her to help clients achieve business results by communicating with a confident yet genuine presence. For Rae, the most important part of her work is assisting her clients in building an awareness of how communication and preferences impact relationships. As a strong presence coach, Rae is skilled at helping business professionals develop their leadership presence and voice, and hone their communication skills with clarity and conviction. She is proud of her ability to help her clients move past their initial reservations and tap into their most authentic self. She enjoys inspiring her clients and sharing in their excitement when they choose new behaviors. Her clients say that she is a great facilitator who creates a comfortable and active environment for learning who is enthusiastic, engaging, clear and knowledgeable. Rae received a BSc in Biological Sciences and a BA in English Literature from the University of Windsor. She also obtained a Master Class certificate from The Company of Rogues Actors' Studio

Custom Program

Do you have 10 or more team members who would benefit from taking this program? Many of our Open Enrolment Courses can be customized for your team and delivered exclusively to your organization. Find out more about our Custom Programs or contact us today!



Or contact us at ExecEdinfo@umanitoba.ca or 204-946-0232 to register today.


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All course materials are included in the course fee. Course materials are provided in class. A reading may be emailed to the participant prior to the class.