Implementing Innovation: How to Ignite Innovation to Grow Your Business
Organizations must often innovate to grow. While innovation can be a struggle, it can also inspire real, tangible benefits to your business by disrupting the status quo and engaging employees at all levels. We'll show you how to foster a culture of innovation in your organization - no matter what your product, service, market, internal systems, size or industry.

Why this Program?

Implementing Innovation inspires real change and tangible results in organizations by disrupting the status quo, engaging employees in all areas, and embedding a culture of innovation at every level. It can be applied to products, services, markets and internal systems in any industry and any sized organization.

This hands-on program will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Explain the principles of implementing innovation and how they link to your organization’s strategic direction
  • Identify and test a meaningfully unique innovation
  • Identify the key components for developing a meaningfully unique idea
  • Understand how to test innovations for success prior to implementation
  • Understand what is required to lead and implement the system in your organization
  • Develop practical ideas to take back to your organization
  • Leverage innovative tools that you can implement in your organization

See below video for a brief overview of Innovation.

Who Should Attend?

This program is design for senior leaders who are looking for a framework to lead with and to drive innovation in their organization.

Program Moderator

Rhonda Honke
As the Innovation and Growth Strategist at inVision Edge, Rhonda supports clients with gaining clarity on their strategic direction, establishing and running innovation project teams, and senior leadership coaching. Prior to joining inVision, Rhonda held executive level positions in Human Resources, Information Technology, and Customer Services in manufacturing and financial services.


Wendy Ferris
As the Partner of inVision Edge, Wendy actively works with clients in the areas of Strategy Navigation, Innovation, and Organizational Activation. Prior to founding inVision, Wendy held executive level positions in Human Resources in the fields of manufacturing and financial services. Wendy is passionate about helping organization do great things, and this passion is the foundation of inVision.


Program Details & Registration


Custom Program

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All course materials are included in the course fee. Course materials are provided in class. A reading may be emailed to the participant prior to the class.