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The Accounting and Finance Department offers three majors: Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems (MIS).


Accounting is a lot more than counting beans! It is a diverse, dynamic field broadly concerned with the measurement of wealth and the financial impact of transactions. Good accounting results in good decision making. The study of accounting gives students the knowledge and professional judgement to determine the most useful way to communicate financial information.

The Accounting Major is the first step in obtaining a thorough understanding of accounting. After graduation, many students continue in their accounting studies and pursue one of the following professional designations: CA, CGA, or CMA.

Due to their excellent analytical and quantitative skills, accountants are increasingly becoming involved in aspects of business such as auditing, internal control, international management, business valuation, risk management, and strategic decision making. As a result of this wide exposure to the operations of business, top managers of large firms usually have strong accounting backgrounds.

Typical Careers

  • accountant
  • comptroller
  • treasurer
  • auditor
  • tax consultant
  • management consultant

Student Groups

  • Asper School of Business Accounting Association (ASBAA)