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Aboriginal Business Studies

There are two majors which are Inter-Departmental: Aboriginal Business Studies and Generalist.


Within the Aboriginal Business Studies Major, Business students will develop an understanding of the multi-cultural context of conducting business successfully in Canada and in Manitoba. The focus is on developing management skills that inform students about economic development in partnership with Aboriginal peoples. Courses feature Aboriginal peoples, culture, organizations, and economy, and will be drawn from the offerings in Native Studies, the Faculty of Arts, and the Asper School of Business.

With millions of dollars flowing from treaty land entitlements, as well as on-going business development, opportunities exist for knowledgeable business partners, colleagues, and employers who understand issues arising in an Aboriginal context. Developing management skills among Aboriginal peoples is a prerequisite for self-government. The ability of Aboriginal society to deal with grinding poverty in their communities will require development of economic bases and skilled leaders as communities build strong economic foundations.