Student Testimonials
Soaleh Khan

Soaleh Khan

Asper PhD student
Focus: humanitarian supply chain management

"Supply chain management is another name for building relationships. The era of rapidly changing customer and humanitarian needs has underscored the importance of building supply chain capacities locally. Humanitarian supply chains are innovative organizations that collaborate with each other to monitor local environments, learn, prepare, reconfigure, modify, innovate, and put local skill-sets and resources to their best use, to save lives and alleviate suffering."

Matt Adaman

Asper MSc student

"The M.Sc program is unlike any other academic experience I've encountered before. It requires students to be exceptionally creative, completely self-sufficient, capable of overcoming many challenges independently. I appreciated the need to employ an entrepreneurial, self-starting approach to identifying a problem that required in-depth analysis, and to develop and deploy the advanced skills necessary to carry out my chosen research path. I chose a research path that put me into close contact with industry. This eventually lead to me finding employment in my field in industry, an experience that has expanded my horizons beyond my greatest expectations. The skills required to successfully complete this program will no doubt serve me well throughout my career."

Katrina Daaca

Katrina Daaca

BComm(Hons) 2014

"The SCM program at the I.H. Asper School of Business has inspired a life-long desire to continually learn and excel in supply chain management. The coursework offered and taught by leaders in supply chain management has been invaluable in my position as a Lean Analyst. I’ve been able to link my classroom studies to on-the-job skills that helped me to secure employment well before graduating from the program.

In addition to coursework, the SCM program at the I.H. Asper School of Business bridged the gap between students and SCM professionals. In my four short years at Asper, I’ve created meaningful relationships through countless networking events and challenged my ability to apply my education through supply chain case competitions."