Undergraduate Subject Pool Program
All students in Fundamentals of Marketing (MKT 2210) have the opportunity to participate in three research studies during the term for credit. These research studies may involve participating in marketing experiments, completing a questionnaire, and/or a computer simulation.

Participation in all 3 research studies earns you the full 5% component of your course grade. Participating in only 1 or 2 studies will earn you a proportional grade. Note that the 5% is part of the 100% for the course and is not extra credit. You may participate in each study only once.

Benefits of the Program

This program is designed to give students a glimpse into how marketing theory is developed by participating in marketing research studies. Fundamentals of Marketing (MKT 2210) is an introduction to the knowledge base of marketing generated in part by such studies conducted in universities and businesses around the world. This program will help students understand how such research is conducted here in the Asper School of Business.

Through participation in academic research studies, students also increase the value of their degrees. Reputations of universities are based to a large extent on the quality of the research conducted by their faculty. By participating in these studies, you are helping your professors publish in scholarly journals, consequently improving the reputation of the university from which you earned your degree.


You will be notified via email and in class prior to each study so that you may sign up to participate (you will have to sign up separately for each of the three studies). Each study will last a maximum of an hour and multiple sessions will be offered for each of these. The sign-ups will take place online via the following link: http://manitoba.subjectpoolonline.com/Manitoba/

For each study, please sign-up for a session in which you will participate. The Behavioural Research Committee keeps track of your participation and will notify your instructor of your participation at the end of the term. If you have any questions, please email the coordinator at mktg_research@umanitoba.ca.You may participate in two studies.  Participation in more than two studies will not earn you any additional extra credit.

At the end of the term, you will be debriefed, i.e., you will be informed as to what was being studied in each study. This debriefing will allow you to see how marketing theory is developed through academic research.

If you find yourself unable or are unwilling to participate in a particular study, please inform the coordinator at mktg_research@umanitoba.ca that you would like to participate in the alternative assignment option (see details below). You will need to choose this option prior to the completion of the study in which you will not participate. This choice cannot be made retroactively if you miss a study. There will be no makeup studies.

Alternative Assignment for MKT 2210

In the case of a student not wishing to participate in a research study or being unable to attend the scheduled sessions, the following option is offered as an alternative assignment. This alternative assignment is designed to take approximately one hour of time, the same time that would be spent if you were participating in the research program.

Students are to find one research article in any of the following journals published in the last 2 years:
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Journal of Advertising
  • Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Students will be required to read the article and submit a short one page summary of the main findings to mktg_research@umanitoba.ca.  Credit will be given to the student as if they participated in the research study.

Any questions about the assignment or suggestions for articles should be directed to mktg_research@umanitoba.ca.