New Venture Analysis Course
Business Venture Analysis

If you are interested in participating in business plan competitions, you must take this course! The business plans you present at competitions originate as projects in this class.

New Venture Analysis (ENTR 4100) is one of the toughest and most challenging courses at the University of Manitoba. New Venture Analysis provides you with the opportunity to bring together the various functional areas of business and learn how technology and business are intertwined. 

Course Objectives

  1. To allow students to develop their creativity skills
  2. To provide students with a framework for critically analyzing situations and business proposals
  3. To introduce students to the key aspects of a venture-based business
  4. To provide students with the opportunity to develop a business plan aimed at raising external equity financing
  5. To provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership and team building skills
  6. To provide a series of realistic scenarios for students to present a proposed venture-based business
  7. To provide students with the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs, inventors, corporate bankers, angel investors and venture capitalists, lawyers and accounting professionals and better understand the role each plays in the development of a venture
  8. To inform students of the potential problems of starting and running a business in such areas as market identification, competitor assessment, developing a management team, staging the capital required to fund the business and dealing with the various environmental areas that impact new ventures
  9. To give students the opportunity to give back to the community and support entrepreneurship in other countries by supporting the New Venture Adventure program

Course Description

New Venture Analysis will provide you with an opportunity to build a business that will increase in value by a factor of 10 or more over a five-year horizon. 

To build this business, you’ll need more than a single product. You’ll have to identify a market need that your proposed venture can fill with a family of products. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need millions in external investments for product and market development.

During this course, you’ll create a business plan that will identify a proposed market and describe the organization necessary to take advantage of this opportunity.  This plan will focus on the four areas of interest to an external equity investor: Management Team, Market, Merchandise, and Money. Your plan will also provide the equity investors with most important piece of information of all: the exit strategy.

New Venture Analysis also provides you with a unique opportunity to work with and learn from researchers at the University of Manitoba and around the world, as well as professional managers, serial entrepreneurs, and private equity investors from across the continent.

During the course of the term, your business plan will be evaluated by local investors, who will rate your ability to pitch your idea in an elevator pitch competition, and by representatives from the Winnipeg business community, who will evaluate your business during a tradeshow competition. 

The final evaluation will be made by the instructor, and will be based on a combination of the written plan, verbal presentation, and performance in the question and answer session.

Business Plan Competitions

  • University of Oregon – New Venture Creation Competition (Graduate)
  • University of Louisville – Cardinal Challenge (Graduate)
  • Wes Nicol Competition – Manitoba Division (Canada-wide - Undergraduate)
  • Carnegie Mellon University – McGinnis Investment Competition (Graduate)
  • Sasin – Bangkok Business Plan Competition (Graduate)
  • University of Manitoba – Stu Clark Investment Competition (Graduate)
  • University of Texas – Venture Labs Investment Competition (Graduate – Invitation only)

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“An exciting and challenging course! I learned more from this class than almost all my other business classes combined.” -- former student