Stu Clark New Venture Championships: High School Edition

2021 Date TBD

The Stu Clark New Venture Championships: High School Edition is a competition for high school students across the Province of Manitoba compete at this fun filled 1-day competition. Up to 16 teams will be selected and be required to compete in four events: Elevator Pitch, Logo Pitch, Business Plan Presentation and Trade Show Competition for cash prizes!

This competition exposes students to important life skills such as public speaking, and writing skills and creative thinking in an entertaining and safe way. Along with winning great prizes, students will gain insight and feedback from our judges. The Stu Clark Centre will provide support along to way with helpful videos on how to do a great elevator pitch, how to present a logo, and we will also provide a template for the business plan!

Students can choose to compete individually or in a team and ventures can be anything students are highly passionate about! We’ve seen unique concepts such as a public speaking virtual reality app, a mobile car detailing service, gourmet homemade hot sauce and spray-on grip that improves the performance of athletic shoes! This is an exceptional experience for high school students!

The SCCE can also be contacted to assist with substitute teacher fees, as well as travel stipends (for rural schools). We aim to make this competition as accessible as possible as we truly believe in sparking the entrepreneurial spirit in today's youth!

For the 2021 schedule please click here!


Business Plan Competition

1st Place $2,000
2nd Place $1,000
3rd Place $500
4th Place $250

Elevator Pitch Competition

1st Place $500
2nd Place $250
3rd Place $100

Logo Pitch Competition

1st Place $500
2nd Place $250
3rd Place $100

Trade Show Competition

1st Place $1,000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250


Application and two page executive summary due: 11:59 PM DATE TBD

Teams advised of acceptance: DATE TBD

Business plans due: 11:59 PM DATE TBD


Contact Program Coordinator
Amy Jones


Step 1: Fill out an application form (coming soon!)
Step 2: Fill out your executive summary, feel free to use this template- click HERE
Step 3: Email application form and completed executive summary template to


The SCCE will be providing videos on how to help you prepare for your elevator pitch, logo pitch and business plan presentation! Coming soon!