Peer Study Group Program

The purpose of the Peer Study Group Program is to provide additional supports and alternative learning opportunities for undergraduate students in our faculty who want to maximize their learning and academic performance. The program is also helpful for those who are encountering challenges with difficult courses.

Students in the study group get the opportunity to meet with study group leaders (leaders are class volunteers) on a weekly basis to review and discuss course content and materials; to ask questions in order to better understand difficult concepts and/or topics; to develop stronger study habits through sharing of past experiences and/or sharing alternative techniques or strategies for achieving success academically.

  • Develop a better and more comprehensive understanding of course material and topics.
  • Develop and apply better study habits/skills in order to be more successful in examinations/assignments.
  • Learn and adopt alternative learning strategies/techniques in order to be more successful in examinations/assignments.
  • Develop stronger interpersonal skills by engaging in respectful discussions and the sharing of experiences/tips for success.
  • Develop long lasting friendships and peer support systems as they progress through their degree programs.