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Bachelor of Kinesiology University of Manitoba

Based on the Canadian Council for the Description of Occupations, Kinesiologists evaluate physical activity-related matters and recommend solutions in health, sports, industry, business, education, rehabilitation and social settings. Our program is accredited by the Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA).

In addition to taking core courses in the exercise sciences, our students have the flexibility to take additional courses or fieldwork practicum that allow them to design an educational experience best suited to their interests. Opportunities exist to take a minor in an area of emphasis that would best complement their career aspirations and/or do a supervised fieldwork experience. Students may also obtain a variety of fitness-related or coaching qualifications and certifications.

Students seeking certification through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) should read the CSEP Health & Fitness Program's Certification Structure for information on course work required.

Students in the program can expect as equally a diverse course of study and learning environment as the word “kinesiology” itself has come to mean. Kinesiology has a broad focus, and includes emerging areas of interest to today's student and employer. It includes chronic disease prevention, physical activity promotion, athletic therapy, personal fitness training, cardiac rehabilitation, sport science, sport management, and corporate and community wellness. Classroom lectures and well-equipped labs balance theory with hands-on learning, and a unique Faculty comprised of active researchers and scholars who teach in the areas where they lead in research. In this way, the program and Faculty will continue to innovate and diversify right alongside the dynamic field of kinesiology.

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