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Fieldwork Experience PERS 4630

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management provides a Supervised Fieldwork Experience as an opportunity to enhance our students’ education and professional growth. Fieldwork is a professionally supervised placement during the fall university term of full-time (35 hours per week) experiential learning within a recreation, fitness, health or sport-related organization/agency.

Fieldwork provides eligible students with an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in academic courses and exposure to new concepts of professional practice in Kinesiology and Recreation Management.

Benefits of Fieldwork Experience:
  • Provides students with experience upon which to build their professional careers, to assist them in integrating theory with practical applications, and to provide the opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge within their areas of professional interest.
  • Offers professionals in the field an opportunity to become involved in the preparation of future professionals and to enhance communication between the University and working professionals.
  • Provides the university with an opportunity to keep in touch with recent developments in the workplace, and a means for evaluating student preparedness in their chosen field and in professional situations.
  • Gain on-the-job skills, experience, and training to help you find a career right out of school.
The Details:
  • Twelve credit hour course.
  • September to December (Fall Term in Year 4)
  • Length of experience: 450 field hours to be completed in total
  • Allowed to take one course (3 credit hours) in addition to the Fieldwork during Fall term
  • Honorarium may be received from an organization/agency up to the tuition cost of 15 credit hours
  • Pass/Fail grade
  • Prerequisites: Completion of 70% of core courses and a minimum DGPA of 2.5 are required
How to Register:

The following preparation must be completed during the Winter of Year 3 – prior to registering for Year 4 courses in July:

  • Students meet with an academic advisor to ensure that they qualify to take the Supervised Fieldwork Experience course and if so, complete an online application (due first week of January in Year 3)
  • Students confirmed eligible for the Supervised Fieldwork Experience course attend an orientation session (end of January)
  • Students attend a Fieldwork Experience Tradeshow (early February)
  • Students schedule interviews with a minimum of two prospective organizations/agencies from those attending the Tradeshow (mid February – mid March)
  • Students receive confirmation of their Fall placements (end of March)
  • Students attend a Fieldwork meeting to confirm Fall placements (end of March)


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For more information, please contact
Colleen Plumton