Directed Studies Research Internship - PERS 4600
The Directed Studies Research Internship is an opportunity to enhance our students’ education, professional growth, and to allow them further insight into what doing research is all about.

Students will participate in a research environment with a professor of their choice who accept(s) them into an internship. Details of each Research Internship will be unique, and will be listed on the student’s transcript according to the name given to the internship (E.g. ‘Physical activity and diabetes prevention’).

A list of available professors and their research areas can be found here.

The Course

This internship opportunity offers the student a unique experience in research culture at the University of Manitoba. The student will have the ability to construct their course syllabus and project outline in consultation with their advising professor.

Components of the course include;

  • a total of 140 hrs, including on-site (at least 40 hrs) and off-site (at least 40 hrs) study
  • recommended evaluation as follows;
    • 40% - 60% on in-the-field research (performance, punctuality, neatness, organization, record-keeping),
    • 15%-25% on computer-based skills (preparation of oral presentations using PowerPoint or equivalent software; data analysis, reduction and presentation; use of computer-based library and other reference resources),
    • 15%-45% information synthesis and transfer (literature review, seminars, discussions, research data summary).

How to Register

    1. Students contact the supervising professor with whom they are interested in doing an internship to verify that the professor is available, and has a research opportunity available for the student.
    2. Students meet with their supervising professor and complete a project outline.  This outline must include a detailed description of the project, including the estimated number of hours the project will take, and an outline of the written submission.
    3.  Students meet with the faculty undergraduate program administrator (Karin Nowak-Bailey) to complete the Directed Studies Course approval form, containing the project outline completed by the student in consultation with the supervising professor. Supervising professors cannot guarantee to a student that a project will be approved until the associate dean (undergraduate education) has approved it, so approval in advance of the commencement of the term is required.
    4. The approval form must be submitted to the associate dean (undergraduate education), who will consult with the supervising professor on whether the project is acceptable as outlined, or whether revisions are required.
    5. Once approved, the undergraduate program administrator can set up the registration for the course. Registration cannot occur without associate dean (undergraduate education) approval.