WPS-Pysicial Abilities Test (PAT)

Course Description

Station 1: 400 metre Mobility / Agility Run - "Get to the Problem Quickly"

This involves six laps of a circuit incorporating changes of direction, climbing over a 3 ft fence, negotiating six stairs up and down and hurdling low barriers. You will be encouraged to complete the run portion as quickly as possible. On completing the sixth lap, move immediately to the Pulling Station.

Station 1 is generally completed within two to two and a half minutes with an average lap time of 20 to 25 seconds. The test administrator will give you your time at the end of each lap to assist with your pacing. You must successfully complete six laps of this course before running to station 2.

In negotiating the 3 foot high fence you are required to touch the bar with at least one hand. You may touch the bar with any part of your body. Negotiating the stairs requires placing you feet carefully especially in laps 4, 5 & 6 as you fatigue. If a stick is knocked off during the hurdles, a two second penalty will be added to your final time for each stick displaced.

Experience has shown that in addition to obvious heavy breathing, test participants experience muscle fatigue in the legs during the 400 meter run. This is particularly evident during laps 4, 5 & 6 and requires additional caution during the stair run. Testers will require you to demonstrate control when negotiating the course so that you minimize the chance of injury.

Station 2: Push and Pull Station  - "Deal with the Problem Physically"

After completing the sixth lap you move directly to the PULL station. This involves grabbing the rope with two hands and pulling the 80 lb weight off its rest while moving through a controlled 180 degree arc (half circle). You must complete three arcs with the weight off the bottom rests. You will be asked to move your whole body deliberately from side to side while keeping the weight up off the rests. The tester will require you to ?break the plane of the machine? with your shoulder closest to the wall, which requires a DELIBERATE side to side movement. IF the weight touches the rest during the three arcs, you must start the activity over and complete three arcs in succession without the weights touching bottom. Further, your arms must not be straight or locked out when you are moving from side to side. You will be required to show some degree of bend at the elbow joints to demonstrate the necessary shoulder girdle and arm strength. Two verbal corrections will be provided and if you are still unable to demonstrate correct technique the test will be stopped and recorded as incomplete and not meeting standard.

Following the third arc you will be directed to lower the weight and move to the adjacent mat to complete two sprawls. This involves lowering yourself down to the mat to lie on your chest/stomach. This is followed by a roll over to your back and standing up. You will be asked to touch a 5 ft high line/ mark on the closest wall prior to repeating the fall to your chest/stomach rollover to back and stand up sequence. After your second sprawl you will move immediately to the PUSH machine.

The PUSH sequence is similar to the PULL in that you must push the 80 lb weight off the rests and keep it off bottom while completing three arcs (half circles). Once again you must not allow your arms to straighten during your side to side motion. IF the weights bottom out during the sequence you will be asked to re-start and complete three pushes in succession before lowering the weights. If you are unable to demonstrate correct technique after two attempted corrections, the test will be stopped and marked as incomplete and not meeting standard.

Following the third arc you will be directed to lower the weight and move to the adjacent mat to complete two sprawls. This involves lowering yourself to the mat to lie on your chest/stomach. Roll over to your back and stand up. Touch the 5 ft high line on the wall and repeat a second sprawl. Stand up and return to the PULL station where you will complete another three arcs PULLING / two sprawls/ three arcs PUSHING / two sprawls. Upon completing your final sprawl you will stand and touch the timing cart with your hand which is the signal for the timer to stop.
This station takes between 70 to 90 seconds to complete. It involves a total of six pulls, six pushes and eight sprawls completed in the sequence as described above.

Station 3: Weight Carry - "Take the Problem Away"

This station is not timed but you will be required to begin the weight carry within 30 seconds of the completion of station 2. This involves picking up an 80 lb torso sack in a safe manner using both hands. Once the sack is off the ground it may be carried with the arms and must be in front of the body. You will carry the sack a distance of 50 feet and then lower it to the floor in a controlled manner.

The torso sack must be carried in front of the body with both hands and/ or arms demonstrating hand grip, elbow flexor, back and leg muscular strength/ endurance. The torso sack must not be carried on the hip or shoulder. The material of the sack must be gripped with the hands to initiate the lift and carry which will demonstrate hand grip strength. Scooping the weight off the floor with the arms is generally unsafe lifting technique and is not allowed.
If you are unable to lift and carry the 80 lb torso sack a distance of 50 ft, you will be deemed to have failed the test.
This is a heavy weight for most persons and thus the risk for injury is high if a poor lifting technique is used. It is important to keep the back in neutral, secure the weight and lift with the legs.

Pass Or Fail Statement

To pass the WPS-PAT, the participant must perform all activities within the defined protocol and complete the timed portion within 4 minutes and 15 seconds and then lift and carry the 80 lb torso bag a distance of 50 ft.
POPAT protocol and concept were developed by Douglas W. Farenholtz, MSc. and Dr. E.C. Rhodes in cooperation with the Justice Institute of British Columbia and the University of British Columbia.

Further information on WPS-PAT is available from the Winnipeg Police Service at www.winnipeg.ca/police/ or by contacting our recruiting line at 204-986-4654.