University of Manitoba - Recreation Services - Tips for Getting Started with Active Living
Tips for Getting Started with Active Living
• Schedule your time weekly and daily – this can increase your chances of sticking to your plan and help to monitor your accomplishments and improvements.

• Prioritize self-care - recognize that you have many important roles in life and you can bring your best self forward by prioritizing self-care.

• Evaluate your priorities and values – if being healthy is on that list then your schedule should reflect it! Schedule time every day to move your body and have fun!

• Do it Daily to create a lifelong habit of active living! Try not to let more than two days go by without getting in some physical activity.

• If you’re short on time, break up your activity into chunks; 15 in the morning and 15 on your lunch break.

• Do what’s right for you – find things that suit your needs, goals, interests and lifestyle.

• Be creative – look for ways to include physical activity in your daily routine. Catch up with a friend while walking the block instead of sitting for coffee. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

• Be a SMART goal setter – set yourself up for positive successes by setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-oriented goals. “I will go for a 20 min. walk at lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week” compared to “I will be more active this week”.

• Involve family and friends in your physical activity goals and pursuits.

• Celebrate all successes, big and small! Rewards can increase your chances of sticking with your new plan.

• Be patient…it takes time! Taking small, achievable steps will lead to large sustainable changes over time! Take time to focus on the positive benefits you are feeling from being active!

• Choose the right environment and support. Choose a facility that offers quality based activities and programs that are led by passionate qualified individuals, you want to help you succeed in your active living pursuits!
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