REC Clubs

Student Led, Student Delivered, Student Focused.

A Rec Club is a registered, student-run organization that offers recreational and/or competitive opportunities in a sport or physical activity. Each Rec Club consists of a student executive team who are responsible for running the organization including coordinating and overseeing all club events, services and operations. This may include weekly practices, lessons, coaching, recreational or competitive opportunities on or off campus, social events, community outreach opportunities, equipment services and other initiatives determined by the clubs' visons and objectives.

All Rec Clubs registered with Recreation Services must follow the regulations and procedures set forth by the University of Manitoba and Recreation Services. This ensures that Rec Clubs are operating within fair and safe parameters for all executives and members. Due to the moderate to extremely high risk nature of these organizations' activities, these regulations are extremely important in meeting safety standards to minimize risks.

All you need to get a REC Club off the ground is the desire to develop your leadership skills and a group of people with a similar interest in a particular sport or activity. REC Clubs are student led and foster an atmosphere of leadership development through involvement in fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, scheduling as well as the development of skills in a particular sport or recreational activity.

Recreation Services provides these voluntarily-run student organizations with facility space, administrative support and promotional opportunities in an effort to ensure that each REC Club is as successful as possible.

To learn more about each club, follow the links in the left menu.

Note: As REC Clubs are self-funded some may charge additional dues to cover expenses related to specialty equipment, travel costs and more. Contact the representative club president for more information.

How To Register

Step 1 - Visit the Club page that you are interested in joining to see their registration process. Competetive clubs may have a try-out system before determining the members of their Club. If it is not a Club that has try-outs, please go to the customer service desk in the Active Living Centre and register for the Club of your choice.

Step 2 - Email the president of the Rec Club that you have registered with for details about the club, including what equipment might be required, Rec Club fees and other important information you may need to be part of the Club. Contact information for each Rec Club president can be found on the individual Club pages located on the menu on the left side of this page.

Step 3 - View Rec Club schedule under the Club Schedule link, located in the menu on the left side of this page.

Step 4 - If you have any questions or are not able to connect with a Club president, please contact the Rec Club Coordinator Matt at 204-474-6621 or

Free Visit

If you are interested in joining a REC Club but are unsure about what sort of skill level each club is at, you are encouraged to drop in on any of the regularly scheduled sessions at no charge as one free visit is on us! If you are interested in using your free visit, please stop by the Customer Service Desk in the Active Living Centre to be added to the free visit list.

Club Schedules

Get the most up-to-date REC Club schedules with our new web schedule viewer or the Recreation Services Mobile app.  With the mobile app you can view all club schedules, add the times directly to your mobile calendar, set reminders and even share with your friends!  Download the app today!

Start A New Club

New Club proposals are always welcome. Visit Start a New Club for more information!


For more information contact 204.474.6621 or
















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