Adult Swim Lessons

It's never too late to learn how to swim! Our adult aquatics programs are designed to allow for progression from class to class.  The aquatics classes focus on stroke development and swimming techniques.  The low impact classes are an excellent form of exercise as they develop strength, endurance and cardio.

  • Adult Introduction to Swimming
  • Adult Intermediate Swimming Lessons
  • Adult Advanced Swimming Lessons

Click HERE for program details including descriptions, dates and times and to register.

Aquatics Programming

In addition to our adult swim lesson series, we also offer a variety of unique aquatics programs that meet the needs of our diverse audiences.

*Aquatics programs are not available at our Bannatyne Campus location.

Joyce Fromson Pool

Pool Schedule

Recreation Swim is specific time set aside for pool users for casual lane swimming or use of the dive area. Recreation Swim is available 7 days a week and all times are available on our pool schedule.  Our pool schedules are now available for your desktop computer or mobile device.

Recreation Swim and Children

Please read below to familiarize the guidelines with respect to children and Recreation Swim times:

  1. Children (ages 7 and younger) attending Recreation Swim must be accompanied, in the water, by their parent/guardian. The child must be within arm’s reach of the parent at all times.
    1. Parents/ Guardians supervising children 5-7 years or age must not be responsible for more than 4 children.
    2. Parents/ Guardians supervising children 4 years and younger must not be responsible for more than 2 children.
    3. Parents supervising infants or children with special needs must not be responsible for more than 1 child.
  2. Children (ages 8-14) attending Recreation Swim must be accompanied, in the general area, by their parent/guardian. It is not required that the parent/guardian be in the water with the child, but must be in the pool area. If the child wishes to swim in the deep end the lifeguard will require that the child complete a swim competency test. If this test is not passed, the child will be required to wear a lifebelt/lifejacket while in the deep end, or be accompanied, and within arm’s reach, of their parent.
  3. Children/Youth (ages 15 years and older) attending Recreation Swim may do so without accompaniment and may be considered a guardian to younger children.

Lifeguards are responsible for the care and safety of all patrons using the aquatic facilities. Pool users may be asked, at anytime, to demonstrate swimming competency and/or wear a lifebelt/lifejacket.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications for Lifeguards/Instructor positions HERE.

Butterfly Swim


Pool Boat

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