Locker & Towel Services

Towel Service

  • One towel per visit - $8/month
  • Two towels per visit - $12/month

Larger towels are availble to members who purchase towel service. For members who do not have towel service, our regular towels (blue stripe) can be rented for $1 per towel.

Locker Service

  • Half-locker rental is $10 /month
  • Full-locker rental is $15 month

* $25 deposit due at time of purchase
** Lockers begin on the 1st of the month
*** Locker and towel service can be purchased at ANY time after your membership begins and is pro-rated at the time of purchase to expire on the same date as your membership.


NEW Procedure for Locker Service:

All members with locker service will be required to secure their locker with a personal lock. For more information please contact the customer service desk at (204)474-6100.


Regular Towels

New Towel