Membership Features
Recreation Services has more fitness and recreation options for members than any other facility in the province. We offer a variety of membership terms suited to meet your budget and schedule and there are no enrollment fees!

Membership with Recreation Services is available to U of M students, staff and alumni and the general community. To help you get the most our of your membership, please read our new Member Handbook.

Highlights of Membership

Active Living Centre (Fort Garry campus)*

  • Women's Only Swim and time in Functional Circuit Studio
  • Trans/Non-Binary/Ally time in Functional Circuit Studio

Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus locations:

*Active Living Centre facilities only available at the Fort Garry campus location.

ALC Features

Membership Facilities

Memberships (unless otherwise specified) are valid at both our Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus locations, which includes access to the following (click facility links for more info):

Active Living Centre (Fort Garry campus)
Joe Doupe Recreation Centre (Bannatyne campus)

Membership Features

  • Strong Start Consultation
  • Informal Recreation
  • Recreation Equipment
  • Court Booking Privileges
  • Certified Fitness Attendants
  • Day-Use Lockers
  • Buddy Day
  • Membership Freeze/Medical Extension
  • Upgrade & Save
  • U of M Student Lifestyle Membership
  • NIRSA Health & Wellness Passport Program
  • Parking Lottery

Additional Features & Services

Member Updates

Membership Rates






CSEP Certification

The Active Living Centre is a CSEP Certified Fitness Centre (CSEP-CFC), the highest caliber of fitness facilities and physiology labs in Canada. The CSEP-CFC designation recognizes facilities who employ qualified exercise professionals, follow evidence-based assessment and training protocols and meet CSEP standards for operating procedures and safety.


Functional Fitness Area

West Side Fitness Floor