Intramural Sports - Bannatyne Campus

Eligibility Requirements

Students who have been assessed the Sport and Recreation Fee during the term in which they wish to participate in intramurals, must activate their membership to be eligible to participate.  University of Manitoba students not assessed the fee but who qualify for purchase of a Recreation Services membership at the U of M must purchase a minimum 4-month membership to participate.

University of Manitoba staff must purchase a Recreation Services membership during the term in which they wish to participate.  Some restrictions apply.


A $50 default deposit fee per team is required and is used in the event that a team fails to appear for a scheduled game, have delayed the start of the game by 15 minutes or more, or fail to follow the rescheduling procedure.  The default deposit may also be charged for reasons that the Intramural Coordinator may deem appropriate.

Players are assessed a $22 + GST registration fee per team per sport.  The fee must also be paid by the team captain.

Sports Offered

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If you have any questions or comments please contact the Bannatyne campus intramural coordinator.