Intramural Sports
Are you looking for a new challenge?  Or do you want to improve your skills in your favorite past time? Then sign up for the Univesity of Manitoba Intramural Sports Program!
  • Intramural Programs are a great opportunity to meet people, test your ability, relieve stress and have lots of fun! 
  • Intramural Programs offer students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in numerous sports and activities on a recreational level. All skill levels are welcome!
  • The Intramural Program also provides students on campus employment and volunteer opportunities to develop your leadership skills.

Intramural Sports Program Mission

To create opportunity for University of Manitoba students and staff to participate in organized recreational activities in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.  Our commitment is to promoting an enhanced university experience for all intramural participants by facilitating the opportunity to fulfill basic human needs such as relaxation, socialization, achievement and physical activity while promoting teamwork and fair play.

Intramural Sports Program Goals

  • To ensure that participant fun and safety are the highest priorities of Recreation Services IM Programs.
  • To encourage students to participate and try new activities as a means of making their experience at the UofM more rewarding and memorable.
  • To promote social and group interaction as well as cultural and gender diversity awareness through Recreation Services IM Programs and activities.
  • To allow UofM student the opportunity for growth outside the classroom through Recreation Services IM programs.
  • Provide an environment for students to stay active, healthy, and give them an outlet for stress relief.

Fair Play + Sport = Fun 4 All!

One of the objectives of Intramurals is to promote social interaction through sport while staying true to the spirit of Fair Play. Although everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their ability and to make every effort to win the game, Fair Play is paramount to the program.

“Without your opponent you have no game, no contest and no fun. You are indebted to your opponent as they are indebted to you. The spirit of play is based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledge this idea of cooperative competition”

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