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Group Fitness Class Descriptions
THESE CLASSES ARE INCLUDED WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome to participate as these are non-competitive and fun programs that aim to make everyone feel good. Modification and intensity options are provided in all classes! The class schedule is available here.

All fitness instructors employed by Recreation Services are accredited through the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC).


Abs & Glutes - Target and challenge your core and legs with this strength and conditioning class using a variety of equipment and training formats.  Watch this class!

Advanced Body Fusion - Experience a yoga fusion class that blends more challenging yoga poses and core strengthening exercises for a complete body and mind workout.  Previous yoga experience is required.

Aqua Boot Camp (deep end)
- A fast-paced circuit style interval training workout in the deep end of the pool for those who want to work hard but keep it low impact. Participants must be comfortable in the deep-end of the pool. Aqua belts provided.

Aqua Tabata (deep end) - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is getting wet! Perform eight exercises in a 2:1 interval format where you work hard for twice as long as you recover--then actively rest and REPEAT! This total body workout uses the natural resistance of the water to challenge the body. Participants must be comfortable in the deep end of the pool. Aqua belts provided.

Asana Interval - This new twist on interval training incorporates using your body weight or small equipment for the MITT (moderate intensity interval training) and then uses yoga postures for the recovery portion of the interval.  Watch this class!

Body Fusion - Enjoy a yoga-style class that will keep your body and mind connected as it flows and blends one pose into the next.  Watch this class!

Bosu/Ball Blast - Experience a class that will work on your core and your balance using stability balls and BOSUs!  Functional training movements will compliment your existing workout routine.  Watch this class!

Cardio Interval - Build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with a variety of interval formats. Movements will challenge your agility, speed, power, strength and endurance using your body weight and a variety of equipment.  Watch this class!

Cardio Jam - Get your body moving and your heart-pumping with a routine-based dance workout.  Watch this class!

Cardio Knockout - Rev up your cardio and endurance while you skip, kick and punch your way to a fitter and more self-confident you!  Watch this class!

Cycle Xpress
- Kick your regular workout routine into high gear while riding to the beat of energy-infused music.  Experience a variety of class styles from intervals to real-road rides.  Watch this class!

Deep H2O - Use the water to improve your cardio, muscular endurance and flexibility without any jarring impact. Aquabelts will be provided.  Participants must be comfortable in deep water.

Hard Core Stretch
- Increase your flexibility and muscular endurance with static and dynamic yoga poses which flow seamlessly from one to the next. Additional resistance may be added with dynabands.  Watch this class!

Powerhouse - Enjoy a total body workout and improve your muscular strength and endurance while using a variety of equipment & body weight exercises.  Watch this class!

Power Circuit Tabata - Build muscular strength and endurance with 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for 6-8 sets. Your will use cable machines, portable equipment and your body weight in a circuit that will challenge you to work hard and help you achieve your fitness goals.  Watch this class!

Reebok Step - Enjoy a cardio workout using Reebok step benches that will keep you on your toes with fun and easy-to-follow routines.  Watch this class!

Shallow H20 - Discover how the water’s natural buoyancy and resistance can provide an invigorating cardio and muscular endurance workout.

TRX Combo
- Experience a new level of body weight training using the TRX Suspension System complimented with portable equipment for a fun and effective workout that uses a variety of movements and intervals to challenge your strength and stamina.  Watch this class!

Ultimate Tabata - Using a 2:1 ratio this HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout will challenge you to vigorously push your cardio, muscular strength and muscular endurance abilities.  A variety of portable equipment and body weight exercises will be used.  Watch this class!

Group Fitness BASICS

These classes are geared to new and beginner level participants.  Classes include a mini orientation to the equipment/movements to each technique as well as a workout.  No registration required.  Classes will be held on Thursdays at 1:00pm during the fall and winter sessions only.

Group Fitness Basics: Reebok Step - New to step choreography? Come and learn the basic step moves with simple patterns that will keep you moving but not overwhelm you.

Group Fitness Basics: Ultimate Tabata
- New to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? Come and try MIIT (Moderate Intensity Interval Training) and perform interval moves at a lower intensity with longer recovery periods.

Group Fitness Basics: Cycle Xpress - New to the indoor cycling experience? Come and lean the proper cycle set-up and basic cycling techniques and enjoy a 30 minute beginner ride.

Group Fitness Basics: Power Circuit - New to using cable machines and doing body weight exercises? Come and learn how to set up the machines and the basics of body weight exercises in a mini-orientation and then enjoy a 30-minute beginner class.

Watch our group fitness classes in action!