Employee Wellness

It's YOUR business. Take care of IT!

Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba can provide your employees (or post-secondary students) with a variety of activities either on campus at the University of Manitoba or off campus at your venue.

We can customize:

  • Activity sessions focused on team building
  • Tools for employees to help empower good decision making about health and lifestyle
  • Interactive, informative and energizing presentations
  • Fun and engaging fitness, dance and mind-body classes for all levels
  • Personal Training Services and Healthy Lifestyle Assessments
  • Corporate Membership discounts
  • Certified Instructors and Degreed Professionals
  • Single or multiple sessions

Contact the Coordinator of Fitness and Programs for more information and pricing.

Why Employee Wellness?

The most recent Health Canada data (How Healthy Are Canadian Workers, 2000) indicates that

  • 60% spend their entire workday seated
  • 56% are classified as "physically inactive"
  • 36% are overweight and 23% are obese
  • 66 report high stress on their jobs
  • 21% are daily smokers

And, studies are showing that university students are not being prepared for the workforce. According a national survey of 34 of the largest colleges and universities (between January and April 2013)

  • 89% are overwhelmed by al that they had ot do
  • 54% report feeling hopeless sometime in the past 12 months
  • 64% report being lonely sometime in the past 12 months
  • 87% are exhausted
  • 56% have overwhelming anxiety

According to Williams and Normand (2003), the annual cost to the Canadian Economy from workplace stress, depression and mental illness is 35 million lost workdays and $35 billion in lost productivity.

The Government of Canada defines Work-Life Balance as " a self-defined, self-determined state of well-being that a person can reach, or can set as a goal, that allows them to manage effectively multiple responsibilities at work, at home and in their community; it supports physical, emotional, family and community health, and does so without grief, stress or negative impact".

It is important to remember that an Employees Health is a product of what they bring with them to the workplace as well as what the workplace does to, with and for them once they are at work. (The Business Case for a Healthy Workplace, IAPA Burton, 2008).

Employers that embrace a Work-Life Balance philosophy have a competitive edge over other organizations as employees are initially drawn to, an ultimately stick with, employers that provide resources, opportunities and flexibility to remove barriers and support employees efforts to improve or maintain their personal health practices or lifestyle. Studies have shown that for a relatively small investment, employers will see reduced sick leave absenteeism, presenteeism, and employee stress; increased productivity and staff retention; improved moral and working relationships.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
~ Confucious

The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.
~ Joan Borysenko